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Your website is often the first introduction people will have to your business and it is vital that you make the right impression. Good web design does not only look good but it is also search engine   friendly, works on all devices, and above all drives sales.

We work examine each of our clients needs to produce a web design solution that is intuitive, responsive and truly reflects the customers business identity.

We work with our clients through our well-defined 3 step Web Design & Web Development process.

Patient, clear, helpful and creative

Stephanie Fitzpatrick, Career Coach

1. Web Design

We work with the client to produce a detailed web design brief. The first stepincludes documenting

  • Goals & Objectives (Leads/sales/showcase/branding etc.)
  • Target markets & audience profiles
  • Website Structure (Content/pages/sitemap)
  • Website Functionality (eCommerce/forms/interactivity)
  • Technical Platform (Open Source – WordPress, Joomla etc.)
  • Content Development Requirements
  • Google, Reports and SEO Considerations
  • Design Considerations (industry trend, client preference, best practice)
  • landing page objectives (Calls To Action)
  • Review competitors sites


2. Web Build

We have years of experience of Open-source Platforms including WordPress, Joomla and Typo3. These systems are easy to build, can be made mobile, have excellent Content Management facilities and work well in Google when optimised.

When the web site build is in progress, clients can track the website progress on our development server so our customers can review our work as the site build progresses.


3. Content Development & Go Live!

Most of our clients supply content for the website and we can simply load this into the site while keeping in mind site functionality and visitor usability. Some of our clients request us to create their content from scratch and we have a panel of experienced content writers who will write your content.
Most of the time we operate somewhere in-between the first two senarios – pulling together content from our clients existing sources, editing supplied content and embelishing it with further Search Engine Friendly Content.

Content can be a key area that slows down the delivery of any website, as busy clients can’t get the time needed to write the text so why not talk to us about creating your website content for you.

Once the website build is complete we train all our customers to maintain their website on an ongoing basis, and we offer our Human Support to all our customers as part of their hosting package with our sister company thehostingpool.


the company to be consistently reliable, trustworthy, honest and ethical. Any of my clients I have referred to the Hosting & Design Pool have, without exception, been delighted with the professionalism, speed of turnaround and 24/7 support they received.
Catherine Griffin, Print Pass